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Hiring an attorney is a very personal decision. Most people are looking for an attorney who will represent their interests, answer their questions and is affordable. The Arnaldo Fiallo Law Office is committed to each client; we take on limited cases so we can ensure each client gets the individualized service they need.

Miami & West Palm Beach Family Law

Divorce is not just about breaking up a relationship between two adults. Children are impacted by divorce and by the decisions their parents make during and after divorce. We understand the emotional aspects of divorce on every member of your household and we’ll help you through the process including a divorce petition, reaching an agreement on child custody and support issues and ensuring you understand the FL requirements which must be met.

Immigration Help in Miami & West Palm Beach

As an immigrant myself, I know how difficult the immigration system can be to navigate. Whether you are applying for a work visa, a fiance visa or a special visa because you are the victim of a crime, we can help you through the process from your initial application through the required interviews.

Whether your native language is English or Spanish, when you need immigration or family law help, contact Arnaldo Fiallo Law Office today – our offices are located in Miami FL.

“Providing Affordable Legal services without compromising quality. This is not only the motto of my office but, it is also my promise to you. I assure you will get the best legal representation that I can provide. Do not let a legal problem steal your joy. Let me handle the issue, so you can keep enjoying your life.”

– Arnaldo Fiallo Guerrero, ESQ.